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"The Fastest Way To Start Changing Thought Patterns For ADHD - Brainz Magazine aticle october 9th"

....Our energy level, behavior, and thoughts are largely controlled by our subconscious mind. And it takes everything literally. I'll give you an example:

If I think 'math is difficult', my subconscious will not take many actions in learning to do the math. In the meantime, I wonder why I don’t get motivated to start practicing it.But if I think 'math is fun', there will be more action in math and I will get better at it. This is how a mindset works.

Our subconscious has different levels. One of the deepest levels is the identity level. This level controls what thoughts we have, what we consider important, what we learn, and our behavior. So a lot is determined at this level...

You can find the full article here

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