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Neurodiversity Leadership

tools to lead

So you can be there for your employees, regardless of their braintype.


less frustration

About yourself and your colleagues.

And more space for a mentall safe working environment

many new insights

from different fields and connect the dots. 

About the Neurodiversity Leadership training

Do you want to offer your staff with a different way of thinking than average, also known as the neurodivergent group of people, a more included and mentally safe environment? Without losing focus on the rest of the team.  We think that is a fantastic goal and we are ready to help you out, with this training.

What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity means that thinking can go differently with every person. It includes Neurodivergent and Neurotypical ways of thinking. Guess what? you are part of the neurodiversity as well! 


This means there is a lot to say and learn about neurodiversity. We have created a program where you as a manager/leader learn to understand what neurodiversity is, how it works, and how you can help bring out the best in neurodiverse/divergent employees with the right skills. 


The training:

This training has been fine-tuned after a pilot and multiple training sessions. To benefits managers and team leaders but can also be great for employees who want to become more inclusive and understanding of other ways of thinking. We use science-based exercises, models, and a lot of experience. 


This training helps you:

-Create more awareness of what neurodiversity is and its content.

-More ease and direction in creating a sense of safety on the work floor. This provides relaxation, better results and fewer unhelpful patterns among staff.

-You will become clearer about your responsibility as a manager in supporting neurodiverse/divergent staff.

-You will get to know yourself better, which promotes implementation towards staff.

-You will be able to give someone peace of mind more easily and help them fulfill their potential through simple questions.

-Find out the employee's needs faster and more effectively.

-Be better able to support by finding growth and motivation.

-Get your team running more smoothly with one or more neurodivergent workers.


"Really enjoyed this training. Bas & Marjolein are a very good training duo, adding light onto so many Neurodiversity topics. The tools I take with me adds a welcome abstraction on how our brains function and they will provide me valuable communication resources in creating a more inclusive workspace.'' - Teamleader at

The program

What are we going to do?


The training consists of two full training days to make a real impact. After all, you want to really benefit from this training. We recommend having one or two 'rest days' in between. This training can be intensive, but a lot of fun too.  


To get the most out of the training we ask the participants to prepare 2 cases to work with and to do a personality test. These will be used during the training to help your brain use the new knowledge right away. The participants will receive a link where they can find everything they need to prepare.

Then, the training days:

On day 1 'individual oriented'

You will learn, among other things:

-What neurodiversity is and entails.

-How a neurodivergent brain works. 

-The connection with a different diagnosis in the DSM.

-How to recognize when an employee is stuck even though things seem to be going well.

-How the Autonomic Nervous System works and how you can create a sense of safety.

-Recognizing specific patterns associated with neurodivergency.

-What safety (in feeling) means for neurodivergent people.


On day 2 'group-oriented'

You learn, among other things :

-Learn how to ask the right questions to get to what the person actually needs.

-Recognize and find motivations

-How inclusion In groups works 

-Metaprograms (people's blueprints)

-Create more safety by calming the autonomic nervous system.

-How to create more safety in groups.

-breaking toxic group dynamics

-How to start building a safe environment for your neurodivergent workers


In the training, the following will be addressed:

-How far do you go as a leader taking care of your employees? 

-What does it mean for you as a manager?

-Different 'labels' neurodivergent people can have.

For a company, if used permanently and correctly, this training can result in cost savings in absence,  but above all, it can result in many happy employees.



certified trainers

A good balance between theory and practice. 

We create a safe space during the training 

With a lot of experience and knowledge.


Using insights from different fields and connecting the dots. 

The details

What do you need to participate?:

Before the training, make two cases and take a test. During the training, you'll only need a pen and something to take notes in. 


The workshop is given by Bas den Blaauwen and Marjolein Lighthart. Both are neurodivergent and both worked as managers. Bas leads a group of neurodivergent people now. Read more about the trainers below.



The program is made for 2 days 9:00 -17:00. With breaks.


The training can be given in Dutch and English


The price can vary, depending on location, travel distance, amount of people, and what you want us to arrange.

Please contact us if you are interested so we can make a personalized estimate for your company.

Broad spectrum

Because neurodiversity concerns an extremely broad spectrum, we have limited ourselves in this training to a manageable whole where a logical follow-up is possible but not necessary.

This training scored 9.8 on average amongst the participants.

Source: Studytube 

Contact us

We would love to get in touch! If you have questions about the training, want a estimate or want to book, just sent a email to

You are also welcome to use the contactform on our contact page.


About the trainers

Bas den Blaauwen

Hi there! I am Bas den Blaauwen. I was born in 1986 in Schiedam, married with 2 kids, and currently living in Sweden.

I am very passionate about human thinking and mental wellness. In my spare time, I love to do some carpentering, make music and travel abroad. Just recently I picked up bushcrafting and I love the forest.


 My story about mental well-being started with a bore-out and not having a clue about myself at the age of 24. With the help of a coach, I got back on track quite fast and never let go. I founded ADHD Masters to carry out my mission about ADHD. To bring the part about ADHD that doesn't get attention enough, into the word. Namely, what lies under the symptoms. After starting a simple podcast about it we already had 15.000 listeners after 20 episodes. ADHD masters exploded and we got chances to expand our expertise beyond ADHD in training sessions, lectures, podcasts, and more. Later on, we were asked to write specific training for companies, which is how this training came to be.  

Words to describe me as a trainer:



-Hands-on approach




Senior coach, trainer, podcaster and founder of ADHD Masters.

NLP trainer, behaviour expert, NLP, life and ADHD coach

Specialized in NLP, Neurodiversity, neurodivergency and ADHD

Read more meer About Bas on the  website or on linkedin.

BAs den Blaauwen ADHD Masters.jpg
Marjolein Ligthart

Hi there! I am Marjolein.

I Am the owner at Ligthart Enzo & coach/ trainer at ADHD Masters

I specialize in full heads and neurodivergent brains with a specialization in ADHD.


Lees meer over Marjolein op de website van ADHD Masters.

More about me will follow


Words to describe me as a trainer:

-Laid back




-safety orientated


These will be filled in later


Informative training. There was a good balance between theory and practicing yourself. The trainers are super enthusiastic and know how to bring the theory well. I am glad i joined this training. - Teamleader

A small selection of our customers

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